We enjoy working with quality clients on quality projects because it feels good for all of us, we are motivated to deliver our best work and always excited for more.

We’ve become excellent listeners, because when we fully understand your requirements, we offer an accurate estimate of work and use them to drive the project towards success as defined by you.

25 years of business experience in the aerospace, electric vehicle, petrol-chemical, service-industry, semiconductor and medical fields enables us to deliver on time and within budget.

We will help you

Become Relevant

Mastery, Messaging & Integrity

Relevance is achieved via strategic long game professionalism inside and out. It requires mastery in one's niche and synchronizing business operation's internal messaging and performance with the sales and marketing's external messaging and promises that customers learn to expect.

Become A Leading Authority

A small business or corporation at the top of Google search rankings for their niche is one that is a leading authority in their industry and target markets, providing products, services and content that helps customers learn and solve their problems.

Build Upfront Credibility

What’s the #1 reason for a qualified lead not to convert? Or a new website visitor to leave your website? They quickly decide the company is not credible based on the visual recognition of poor corporate image, identity and professionalism; then content is not taken seriously or ignored.

A systematic Approach

How we do it

Business Assessment

A candid, un-biased revaluation with insights to facilitate accountability and growth.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy building that syncs operational improvements with sales and marketing.

Build & Roll it Out

Corporate Identity, Website, Content and PR synced with planned company performance.

small business

Case Study

Health & Wellness Clinic

One of our latest deployments in 2019 is in the health and wellness industry, specifically a chiropractic and physical therapy rehabilitation clinic in the highly competitive city of San Francisco. There are over 120 rehabilitation clinics in direct competition within SF city limits. After our free feasibility assessment, they signed up for our small business package that redefined their mission, the vision and unique value proposition of the company along with developing their new competitive advantage, “The 4 Stages of Wellness”.

We are proud to have delivered on time and within budget a re-brand, new corporate identity, professional photoshoot, new website, flyer designs, business cards and a full suite of Mac templates (Keynote, Pages and Numbers applications).

Our Process for Achieving Results

We escorted the client through our three phases of development for small businesses as shown in our scope of work slides. We first perform a thorough Sales, Marketing and Business Assessment that is fueled by discovery, research and analysis of the business and its performance. Why go through this arduous and time consuming step?

We are able to intimately connect with all facets of the company and learn what truly is the heart and soul of the company. Just as important and mentioned above, synchronizing business operation’s internal messaging and performance with the sales and marketing’s external messaging and promises is critical to overall success, business growth, delivering customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty.

Business Assessment, Strategy & Planning

      1. Analysis of the entire business, history and performance.
      2. Interview executive Leadership, VPs and employees.
      3. Scrutinize financials, sales and operations performance.
      4. Research online performance, SEO, keywords, website, messaging and social media.
      5. Generate maximum 35 page report that will serve as guide/manual for  all.

At no charge and simply out of our good will, we set-up the client with a company wide shared database via Evernote with 3 primary sectors (Operations, Sales & Marketing, Content Creation).  With additional training, we were able to brainstorm, collaborate and organize business strategies, plans and activities realtime to improve company performance throughout; we made it easy for them.

Simply having a collaborative tool for tuning and working on the dialogue between leads who call into the clinic and how to field those calls to convert was a valuable service we provided for free.

Hidden Value

We all are guilty of our own biases, company culture preventing change and simply tolerating poor performance that eventually becomes the company standard.

The assessment is valuable for executive leadership to receive a frank assessment that targets company performance that has fallen short of expectations while being armed with business operations, sales and marketing insights that facilitate more accountability and growth.

Because we have been business owners c-level executives and started our own companies and led others in  a variety of industries, we understand business.  Executive leadership is usually starving for a candid, un-biased assessment with a genuine intent to improve business performance.

Improved teamwork, synergy, general business organization and implementation of best industry practices and professionalism are common byproducts; basically, it lights a fire under everyone’s you know what. Exposing the company to a higher level of professionalism, business savvy and communication sets a new standard of future accountability.

Corporate Identity

The original logo was a good start geometrically, however after conducting the interviews, it was obvious the branding did not capture the spirit, passion and vision of the founders with its solid grey color.

Also, digital and print media were not in alignment in both aesthetic and messaging when compared to business performance and goals. Hence, we embarked on a rebrand/corporate identity effort that included the new website, flyers, business cards and a full suite of Mac templates (Keynote, Pages and Numbers applications).

We are proud that we only flushed through two iterations on the coporate identity effort.

Website Design

Website Design sprinkles all the latest animations, parallax effects, scrolling backgrounds and popular trends so as not to be over the top, but just enough. The flow and messaging is the true driver of this site.  It is having a conversation with the mental state of a person frustrated and desperately searching for someone who can actually help them find relief and solve their health problems.

Many a business build new websites everyday, very few can step into the mindset of the target demographic and roll-out insightful messaging that speaks to them. DevSixOne’s Ryan Teixeira has a unique insight into the target demographic with 13 surgeries and a broken back that was extremely valuable in developing messaging that speaks to the target demographic.

The design is also filled with plenty of negative space, is relevant in style, modern and edgy to both serve the client’s personality and what the target demographic expects.

*Within one month of launching the new website, the client asked for help handling the high number of new leads coming in.

Graphic Design Examples

Websites, Flyers, Posters, Menus, Business Cards & More

We will listen and work hard to build your vision.